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     Well . . . We provide our clients with the best, reliable, quality, and professional service. If you want that in addition to authentic, old-school style DJ entertainment, then you should go with us. There are many "DJ" service providers out there. But seriously . . . How many of them are any good? We've been doing this for over 20 years. Our DJs use can use vinyl at your pary or event. Not many others have that capability or advantage. Track Masters has a very large collection of vinyl records in it's aresenal of music. We're the one's to go to if it's wax you seek. Besides that, our over-all service crushes and possible competition that may exist out there. We're #1 in this space.

All "DJs" ARE NOT created equal

     There are instances where we may not be the ideal choice for the type of event or party that you're planning. All DJs and DJ service providers are different. Some are better than others, some play specific types of music, and some do specific types of events. Are you looking for a formal or casual DJ? If you're looking for a DJ who plays country or heavy metal music, then we're probably not the right choice for your event.

     However, if you're looking for a DJ who gets busy on two turntables and rocks the house, then you've definitely come to the right place. At Track Masters, we kick it old-school and also play the latest and best music. Depending on what type of party or event you have in mind, we can surely help you make it happen!

     So whether you wanna  take a journey into bass with a totally booty shakin' dance partyor maybe add some hip hop flavor into the mixor perhaps you'd like some reggae/dancehall, we've got you covered - this is what we do.

     Maybe you'd much rather have an E.D.M. (electronic dance music) or rave party - we can work along those lines as well.

     The possibilities are pretty much endless.