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     Our organization offers much more than just DJ entertainment services. We're able to provide education regarding disc jockey history and other related topics. These informative types of shows and seminars showcase the art, history, and culture of DJing. Some of the related topics that are covered (for example) deal with hip hop, it's history, culture, evolution, and relation to 'the DJ'.     



     Track Masters also produces DJ themed products which exclusively focus on the DJ/turntablist culture. These products include high quality apparel (such as t-shirts and hoodies) as well as other items (such as artwork and posters). All of our merchandise is geared specifically toward lovers of the old-school. However, they make great gifts for everybody (especially true fans of the old school, DJ fanatics, and enthusiasts). Make sure you check out our online store for official Track Masters DJ merchandise. 

     With eleven genres to choose from, Track Masters can definitely get your party started right. Select from any of our old-school urban and dance categories of music and prepare to party! Let our DJs rock the house, make everybody dance, and create an entertaining fun time. ​ ​ 

     Track Masters is a DJ and turntablist organization which specializes in the 'old-school'. We celebrate and pay tribute to the old-school by spinning, mixing, and scratching the hottest records from back in the day. We get the party jumpin', and rock the crowd on the dance floor. Our premium DJ service provides entertainment for a number of different events and gatherings. Track Masters organizes it's own parties and events. We also provide (private) party/event planning and DJ entertainment services to our clients. We work closely with our client(s) to provide them with the best possible service and experience.