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This section is meant to serve as an informative introduction into the basics of the DJ and turntablist culture:


     The word 'DJ' is a very broad term these days. There are many types of different DJs: RADIO MIX-SHOW DJs, DANCE-CLUB DJs, MOBILE DJs, PARTY DJs, 'MIX-TAPE' DJs, BEDROOM DJs, HOBBYIST DJs, TURNTABLIST DJs, etc . . . This is just to name a few (the list can go on and on). Many DJs are more than only one type of DJ.


     A DJ or turntablist may stick to a certain area of music and/or 'style'. In other words, some DJs may specialize in a specific genre such as reggae and dancehall or electronic dance. For this reason, they are limited only to their 'area of practice' or specialty.

     The skill (or 'skillz') of a DJ (or turntablist) depends on several factors which includes: the number of years that the DJ has been practicing, how serious the DJ takes his/her craft, and the level of musical knowledge that the DJ possesses.