Safety at our shows, parties, and other events are paramount. Track Masters is looking for experienced professionals to serve as members of our security staff. Those with security and law enforcement backgrounds are preferred. The goal of Track Masters is to provide a very fun, energetic, and (above all) SAFE party atmosphere during these events. Occasionally however, disturbances do break out and require an appropriate response.

     Sometimes partygoers under the influence of alcohol (or drugs) become disorderly and need to be removed promptly from the venue. Likewise if and when a fight takes place during an event. The job description for this position is as follows: To ensure a safe, non-violent environment for event attendees as well as Track Masters personnel and property. Members of the security staff must be prepared to use sufficient force, to quickly de-escalate a dangerous or volatile situation.

     We continually review our comprehensive approach to security and implement additional security measures, as appropriate.


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