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     Track Masters disc jockey ​company was founded in 2013 by DJ Prophecy. Growing up in Miami (the mecca of party and dance music), he was heavily influenced by his environment. His interest in the DJ/turntablist profession started at a very early age and as time went on, he learned more and more about the music which he would eventually come to specialize in. He became enthralled by the DJ culture. His interest was taken to the next level when at the age of sixteen, he acquired professional DJ equipment such as turntables and began practicing on them. This also marked the beginning of a significant vinyl record collection. 

     When he first started to get into DJing and collecting vinyl, he went from having 0 records to having 3 records. To date, he's amassed over 1000 records. DJ Prophecy's vast vinyl record collection serves as his arsenal for when he's throwing down live in the mix. He has been a DJ since 1998. DJ Prophecy's inspiration for becoming a DJ came from listening to local Miami area DJs, as well as New York DJs (such as Tony Touch and Funkmaster Flex). DJ Prophecy's knowledge of the music as well as different styles, formulate a certain unique flavor when it comes to his technique of DJing. He's an authentic DJ who can mix everything from hip hop to electronic dance music. He enjoys making people dance, have fun, and party.

     DJ Prophecy's specialty is old school urban and dance music, so he felt it was only fitting that he create a company (as an outlet) which specialized in the same. Living in Southeast Florida alongside the pulse of Miami, he'd been around the DJ and turntablist industry for decades. He believed the time had come for him to establish a brand which specialized in, focused on, and represented the art form of DJing. DJ Prophecy formed 'Track Masters' to fulfill this purpose: an organization for DJs/turntablists as well as for fans and enthusiasts of the craft.