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When planning your next event, please take the



​1. Book in advance. Event dates can get booked fast and clients are served on a first-come, first-served basis. To make a reservation, we strongly recommend that you contact us at least two months before your event's date. This is so you can secure your date and it also allows us time to adequately prepare for the upcoming event. Once you contact us, we can discuss exactly what it is that you're looking for and if we can provide it.

2. We'll need to know what kind of event you're planning and the type of music you'd like to be played at your event. Please understand that we don't have every single track ever released. Although we have a wide selection of music, we don't have everything. How it works is that you tell us the type of music you'd like, and we show up and play that type of music. In the days preceding your event, we're busy gathering the music you'd like played from our inventory.

3. Requests for music can be fulfilled only to a certain extent. If you would like to hear certain tracks, artists, groups, etc . . . This should be requested ahead of time (weeks prior to the day of the event). We'll let you know what we can and can't play.

4. We don't play the latest chart-topping music/Top 40. We cater to a certain demographic/audience who's familiar with and enjoys the old-school because they've grown up listening to it (during that time period). Naturally, when old-school tracks are being played, a younger demographic/audience may not be enthralled in the same manner. That's certainly not to say that others aren't able to enjoy it.    

5.​ We will need to visit the place where you're planning to hold the event. This is so we can see if it's a suitable venue.

6. Weather conditions may cause the date of your event to be cancelled or rescheduled. We don't provide any services on rainy, stormy, or wet days.

7. On the actual day of the event, we will need to arrive 2-3 hours ahead of time for setting up and sound check.

8. Keep in mind that the speakers we use are very large and very loud. Your event should be held in a place where there is a lot of room and where others such as neighbors won't be disturbed. The ideal place would be somewhere such as a hotel banquet hall.

​9. In order to make the event run as smoothly as possible, it's required that you designate one person to communicate with us (before, during, and after) concerning the event. This will be the only person with any authority to interact with our staff. The reason for this is because it's much easier for us to deal with one person than it is to deal with a group of people. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.






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