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                                                                                               MC battle competitions,

                                                                                               b-boy competitions,

                                                                                               hot body contests, and

                                                                                               shake your a** contests  

Disclaimer: Track Masters is not obligated to accept every request for service that is received. There are several factors that will determine if a service request can or will be approved. 

Some of the other services offered by this organization are:




     Track Masters offers premium DJ entertainment services for a variety of events, occasions, and gatherings. Some of these include: 

birthday parties, house parties, teen parties, all ages parties, 18 and over parties, college parties, corporate events/parties, high school/class reunion parties, product launches, grand openings, television/film productions, festivals, promotions, and community events.


     We also conduct unique events such as shows and seminars which showcase the art, history, and culture of DJing; as well as popular subjects such as the history and evolution of hip hop. These programs are designed to educate people about DJing and related topics.

     In the weeks and days prior to an event, our staff works closely with the client(s) to customize their event/party. Our staff meets with the client(s), checks out the venue ahead of time, takes note of what type of music is to be played (including any requests), and arrives early on the day of the event to get ready for the performance.