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Since every situation is different, we'll need to ask you a few questions first before we can give you any type of quote.

Please keep in mind that our staff will likely need to check out the venue, discuss other details with you, and have you sign a business contract prior to anything final. 

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​​      As mentioned before, every event and situation is different. The price of your upcoming event or party can differ based on varying factors. These factors can include: number of guests, location of venue, traveling distance to and from the venue, number of hours service is requested for, time of day/night, security, etc . . . Naturally, a party or event for 30-50 people will cost less than one for 100-200 people. An easily accessible venue will cost less than one which is more difficult to reach. A venue 5-10 miles away will cost less than a venue 30-50 miles away. A 2-3 hour event will cost less than a 5-6 hour event. An early morning event (for example around 9am) may cost more than an afternoon or nighttime event since our staff needs to begin work very early in the morning. Depending on the security situation at an event, we may need to provide security which can understandably raise the cost.       

      As far as payment is concerned, there's two main ways to pay for service. The first is for our client to pay for the event him/herself. The second is for the client to collect funds from each and every guest who will be attending, and then forward the payment over to us. For example: Let's say there's 100 guests. The client (or person in charge) can collect $30 from each person, combine it to make $3000, and submit the payment that way. This makes it easier for the event to be possible, since one person isn't paying for the entire service out of his/her own pocket.