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     B-boying (also known as breaking) is a style of street dance which originated in the New York area during the early days of hip hop. Although the mainstream media has been calling these dancers "breakdancers" over the years, this is actually an incorrect term. Individuals who practice and perform this dance are referred to as: b-boys (break-boys), b-girls (break-girls), or breakers. 'The breaker' is one of the four elements of hip hop.  

    Track Masters has the music required for b-boy/b-girl competitions. When competing breakers do battle, the right music is necessary. Breakers battlin' and competing against one another or rival crews is a part of 'real hip hop' culture. Whether it's individual contestants or b-boy/b-girl crews battling for supremacy, one things' for sure: the DJs' got to play the right records. 







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